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Equestrian Mental Preparation

Let’s start Equestrian Mental Preparation!

  • Why is Mental Training so important for all riders?
  • How can I keep my peak performance during a competition, a clinic, a training, a show…?

Get the most powerful tricks and tools to manage your nerves, distraction, anxiety etc… and keep the right attitude and energy for your success.

Contact Bianca Roch: bianca.roch@wanadoo.fr

Bianca Roch, as a dressage rider, competed during 20 years very successfully, from young horses to Grand Prix, and from regional to international scenes.

As a mental coach, she studied Sophrology (Relaxation Techniques, Mental and Physical Balance), Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (communication with yourself, your horse, your team) as well as the latest neuroscience discoveries concerning the brain’s functioning by graduating last year in Paris as a Personal and Professional Coach.

A lifelong interest in personal development techniques gives her a very fine and subtle analyse of each rider’s situation and offers adequate solutions for any athlete and horse lover.

For more than 15 years, she has been coaching novice riders as well as Olympic, Paralympic and World Eventing Games riders in several countries with the same passion!

She lives in the south of France, taking care of her beautiful small stable with happy owners and horses, riding and preparing her horse to compete in 2022.

She follows riders on site or by teleconference with unwavering enthusiasm in French and in English.

You want to become the best version of yourself on your horse and in your life? Write to bianca.roch@wanadoo.fr

You will be surprised how small details can make big differences!

“ Ride to the best version of yourself, and more!”

🇬🇧 Anastasja Vistalova

My name is Anastasja Vistalova and I am 27 years old Czech Para equestrian dressage rider. Currently I am preparing for a qualification season for my third Paralympic games.

I firstly joying this sport celebrations at Rio 2016, where I was a historical first Czech rider to compete at a Paralympic. At my debut I finished at the first half of a starting list.

I defend a Paralympic participation at Tokyo 2020, resp. 2021.

Anastasja Vistalova
Anastasja Visalova

In Para equestrian dressage it is necessary to have a good team beside each rider. I am so happy, that I finally have a great team that believes at me and my horses. I am so happy to work with Bianca Roch, she helped me be more confident in my riding, believe at myself and my horses. What so important she teaches me how to enjoy every single moment of the competition and show my best. Her techniques helped me not to be stress at the important moment, focus on my goals and building a great relationship with my animal partner.

Bianca is always positive; she tries to find something positive at every situation. She really gives you solutions and positive energy every time she is speaking with you. She is also a rider by herself, so she knows how important the relationship between a rider and a horse, and she is helped you to build it up. No matter, if you have a good day, or a bad day, after a lesson with a Bianca, all your problems would not be so big and unsolvable.

🇬🇧 Aleksandar Dansin

Aleksandar Dansin

I am Aleksandar Dansin, professional young horse rider from Germany  (originally Serbian). I did meet dear Bianca at Bernadette Brune’s place few years ago and after 3 very intense working days together I really feel in love with her way of working but mostly talking. Her voice and sentences are so supportive that I still have it in my mind.

We worked together recently too, in a beginning of show season 2021st when my professionals an private ambitions didn’t go together,  Bianca helped me to make some important decisions and to grow out stronger and more dedicated in what i was believing.  Those few sentences can’t really describe how much I am enjoying working with Bianca and feeling that I can always rely on someone is priceless.  I m grateful for chance to have her on my side.

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